World's First Intelligent water purifier which uses

Android App Without Data Connection

Classiq +

IIROS Classiq + is the first technology which empowers user to operate their water purifier through android application. The only water purifier which has error detection and mode changer technology according to your water taste. You can on and off your machine anywhere from your house. Classiq + is available with 8 stage advanced purification system which includes uv, uf,ro ,ph adjuster and the world’s best mineralizer which has 72 minerals in it. Purified water storage capacity of 9liters.
UV : uv takes care of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, thus providing clean, potable water.
UF : The ultra-filtration cartridge works by removing fine, suspended impurities from water. It removes bacteria, giardia, cysts, etc. present in the resultant water.

Alkaline : When the acidic/neutral water filtered by RO(Reverse Osmosis) process touches the natural mineral stones used in alkaline filter , the stones release important minerals in water, regulates the PH and converts acidic water to alkaline water which is good for health and also gives natural taste to it. Increases the pH upto 2 pH { It may vary according to the input of the water}

Classic water purifiers in coimbatore

MRP : INR 29,289

Body Build icon

Body Build Material Aluminium Structure

Energy Icon

Low Energy android app

cplus off

ON and OFF through Android

classic plus icon

Auto Sensing Intelligent mode/UV mode

auto fleshing

Advanced Auto Flushing 1 min

cplus ro

RO + UV + UF + AF

cplus member

Membrance Clogging Detection

water drop icon

8 Stage Purification

classic plus icon

9 Litres Storage Tank


Dry Run Protection

classic plus icon

Surge Protection


Mineral Recovery Filter


Unique Id Protection

classic plus icon

Auto Pressure Sensing

Classic Plus icon

Auto Water Regulating Pump

Special Features in IIROS:

Auto – Flushing (Time Interval) : Every 8 hrs Once
Raw water TDS Display
Product water TDS Display
Raw water Flow Amount
Product water Flow Amount
Total Pump Run Time
Inlet Water Erro Indication
Solenoid valve Error Indication
Over Flow Indication
Filter Failure Indication
Predictive Maintainence Technology
Low Pressure Indication
Magnetic Float
SS Storage Tank With Removable Lid and Tank
Filter Replacement Indication
Unauthorized Spare Detection Mode
High and Low volt detection
Zero inlet Flow Indication
High and Low Volt Protection
UV Error Indication
Indicator Through LED + Android
Red LED Alert During Any Error
Auto Cut Off
Booster Pump Voltage : 24V
Booster Pump Self Regulating Pump
With Pressure adjustable Head
100% Copper Solenoid Valve

RO Water Purifiers Tank

Ro water purifier Classiq plus

1 year Free Service and 5 years warranty :

Now, enjoy the happiness offer from iiros with 1 year free service and 5 years of warranty for tank and board, applicable only on classiq + Model

Unique Design and Quality :

The only water purifier which has detachable storage tank and lid We use genuine internationally certified spares only

Storage :

The iiros water purifier has a high storage capacity of 9 liter’s which ensures continuous supply of water

Colors :

Classiq plus is available only in black colors.

Best Filtration process :

Best Filtration process:

Pre filter :

The cartridge structure traps & incinerates particles of easy disposal. It can be used as pretreatment to residential and commercial ro systems.

Android App:


App screen


App screen


Login page


Display Panel


Machine status setup


Change mode


App screen


  1. Pre Filter
  2. Pre Carbon
  3. Sediment Filter
  4. UF
  5. Membrane
  6. Post Carbon Filter
  7. Alkaline
  8. UV


  1. Solenoid Valve
  2. IIROS Micro Controller
  3. SMPS
  4. Low Pressure Switch
  5. Stick Float
  6. Sensors
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